Ever since high school I’ve been passionate about photography. To be able to bring my ideas to life, I taught myself everything there was to know about techniques and equipment. From the start, I’ve been inspired by both photo reports, which I devoured whenever I came across them in magazines such as GEO or National Geographic, and by the journals of the great explorers, such as Humboldt or Cook. Through photography, I wanted to explore the world like they did, and, in addition, share my passion for beautiful things with others by showing them how I see nature and culture.

Once I had graduated from school, I decided to study medicine. My main incentive was to find a profession that would enable me to help others, all over the world, without any regard for borders of either language or culture, and thus I fully immersed myself in my studies. As often as possible, I seized any chance to get to know new countries and cultures and capture their beauty in my photographs. Some of the most rewarding experiences during that time were study visits to Peru and Sri Lanka, where – far off the beaten track – I could experience people’s way of life first hand and gather innumerable new impressions.

Back home, I found that I really wanted to give something back to the people in those countries: Both to the doctors who had shared their knowledge with me, the patients who often left me speechless with their gratitude and humility, and so many other exeptional people I met on the way – be it a tireless UN official, a humble fisherman, and a cordial spice vendor in Sri Lanka, or a kind nun and a genial hiking guide in Peru. All of them had made their mark on my life and my studies.

I found my way of giving back through photography, and started to make my work accessible to a wider public in several exhibitions. In that way, I was able to raise more than 6000 € in funds for aid projects in the countries I had visited, and hopefully also to give the visitors a glimpse into rich foreign cultures and customs, and maybe even a delicate connection with impressive people and life stories all over the world.

I have finished my studies long since and now I am employed as an orthopedic and trauma surgeon in the beautiful town of Bamberg. Here, I am very lucky to be given the opportunity visit Laos for several weeks each year to work as a volunteer surgeon for the Children’s and Medical Aid Laos project. Close ties with this incredible country have resulted from these missions, which means very much to me.

Beyond my work for aid projects and their documentation, my photographs are intended to capture the beauty of our world in all its various facets: Breathtaking landscapes, stunning architecture, athletic challenges, remarkable people, and so much more which, to me, makes the world so extraordinary. Often adverse circumstances notwithstanding, our planet offers so many good and beautiful things that are only waiting to be discovered and appreciated. I want to inspire people to observe their environment – both near and far – more closely, to become more aware of it, enjoy it, explore it, and maybe even endeavor to take action that could make the world a little better.